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Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association - Tournament Invitation

Your team is invited to apply for entry into the following tournament:

Tournament Date:  Saturday, May 02, 2020
Tournament Name:  CANCELLED MVSA 13s Capital Festival 2 Day Tournament
Tournament Host:  MVSA VBC
Tournament Site:  Adventist HealthCare Fieldhouse (formerly Discovery Sports Center)
Tournament Address: 18031 Central Park Circle Boyds, MD 20841
Number of Teams:  20    Type: Mixed    Division: Girls 13      
Locker room access: No  Showers No    Food available: Yes   Awards: Yes    

Entry Fee:        $400.00 
Check Payable To: MVSA VBC

Competition:     Pool play:        Match Play
                 Quarter finals:   None 
                 Semi finals:      Match Play 
                 Finals:           Match Play
                 Playoff format:   All teams into playoffs - Gold/Silver/Consolation                    

Closing Date: Friday, April 03, 2020

Additional Tournament Detail:
Tournament Director: Skip (John) Sekerak / 240-338-0462 /
Two day tournament. Power seed format. All teams in playoffs (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.). All NPR R1s. More details at


Team Name: ________________________________________ Team Code: ________________________

Priority Entry: No__ Yes__
If yes, date of tournament that earned the priority _______________________________________________

Team Rep: ___________________________________ Email: ____________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

City/St: ____________________________________ Zip: ________

Home Phone: (       ) ______________ Work Phone: (       ) _______________

Make checks payable to: MVSA VBC

Mail to: Peggy and Scott Van Lowe
9708 Inaugural Way
Montgomery Village, MD, 20886

Teams will be accepted per region policy. The Tournament Contract must be fully completed, signed, with entry fee attached, and received by the Division Coordinator, Peggy and Scott Van Lowe, at the address shown above no later than Friday, April 03, 2020.

Tournament Contract

If accepted for this tournament, I understand that my team is responsible for fulfilling all work and competition requirements as set forth in USAV rules and the current Chesapeake Region Handbook. I am fully aware of the penalties that may be imposed by the Chesapeake Region for failure to fulfill team and individual competition requirements. I warrant that all individuals listed on the roster are eligible to compete with my team, meet USAV and Chesapeake Region eligibility rules, and are aware of and will abide by the USAV Participant Code of Conduct.

The name of the certified USAV referee(s) who will work our required match(es):

____ My team will not have a player referee for this tournament. An additional $75.00 is included in the tournament fee as shown below. This fee will not be refunded, even if the team is subsequently able to provide a referee.

The name of the certified USAV scorekeeper(s) who will work our required matches:

____ My team will not have a scorekeeper for ____ matches for this tournament. An additional $20.00 for one match/ $40.00 for two matches is included in the tournament fee as shown below. I am aware that if my team must work any playoff matches, we must pay an additional $20.00 per match to the Tournament Director prior to the start of that match.

Attached to this contract is a check in the amount of $ _______ to cover entry fees, referee fees and/or scorekeeper fees, if necessary.

If accepted, and my team withdraws from the tournament less than 28 days (31 days for multi-day tournaments) prior to the tournament date, I understand that the entry fee will be forfeit.

Team Name: _________________________________ Team Code: _____________________________

Name of Coach: ______________________________ Coach Email: ____________________________

Coach Phone: (       ) __________________

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